How much do stem cell therapies cost and does insurance cover?

Currently, these stem cell procedures are not covered by insurance. This will likely change in the coming years due to a surprising amount of evidence mounting in its effectiveness. Until then these procedures are payed as an out of pocket expense or through medical loan companies that have streamlined financing. Many loan companies will finance the medical procedure over many years to reduce the burden on patients thereby making costly procedures easily available. We current work with Parasail loans to finance many of our patients’ procedures.

Our procedures vary in cost depending on how complex. For example, a single knee procedure cost $4500 and this includes either bone marrow or adipose mesenchymal tissue and a platelet rich plasma or platelet lysate. We also utilize an extracellular fiber matrix which is one of the most advanced biologics available with high regenerative properties for tissue repair. The market average cost for this procedure can be much higher at competing clinics and we pride ourselves in providing the most cutting-edge regenerative techniques that people can afford at a reasonable price point. When we perform more than one stem cell joint injection, then a 50% discount is applied to the second treatment. Both treatments must be performed on the same day for this discount.