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Welcome to Spectrum Health, your one stop solution to optimal healthcare.

Our Mission

Spectrum Health is a pioneer in the application of regenerative medicine, which aims at sorting out your pain and health problems through biological healing rather than invasive procedures. Our goal is to provide you with natural, long-lasting healthcare solutions, at a minimum risk. Each patient is different, and our approach is customized based on your needs.

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What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a relatively new, dynamic field that utilizes your body’s own mechanisms to help it heal. This is done by harvesting substances from your own body, and transferring them to areas where they are needed.

Spectrum Health practices regenerative medicine by making use of stem cell therapy. These are biologically important cells which, when introduced into the site of damage, harnesses your body’s natural healing capabilities and gives it a boost. Several clinical trials have shown they direct the healing process for damaged cartilage, and even bone in worn out joints. Stem cells are the most effective substances available for regenerating cells today, and they can be harvested from your own body sites, such as the bone of your hip, or fat from your stomach. We also use platelet rich plasma (PRP), which can be isolated from your own blood, and is a rich source of growth factors. These substances, when injected into your joints, actively decrease swelling, and repair tissues.

Stem cell therapy has proven its effectiveness in reducing pain and improving function. Why live in pain? Give yourself the stem cell advantage today.

Reasons To Choose Regeneration Over Invasive Therapy For Your Pain

Long-term Benefits

Pain can recur after surgery for back and knee pain. Since stem cells heal the problem, the pain-free state lasts longer.

Less or No Complications

Surgery is associated with pain, swelling and long periods of immobilization. With stem cell injections, you can be up and about on the very next day!

Preserving Natural Tissues

Surgery alters your body’s anatomy (spine fusion) or replaces it altogether (knee replacements). Stem cells regrow tissue that’s rightfully yours.

Cost and Time Savings

Invasive surgeries require long pre-operative workup and longer hospital stays. Stem cell injections can get over in a few hours.

Reasons To Choose Spectrum Health

The Entire "Spectrum" of Healthcare Under One Roof

We provide a wide array of services at Spectrum health under one roof. You won’t need to run around for consults and investigations!

Full Medical Consults

We have primary care medical professionals who provides complete primary healthcare in order to transition to optimal medical status for stem cell injection. We can determine the exact status of your health, cause of your pain, and advise you on treatment options, as well as lifestyle changes.

Holistic, Minimally-invasive Approach to Healing

At Spectrum Health, we believe that your body should be encouraged to heal its tissues naturally. That is why we avoid expensive, invasive surgical procedures if we can. We focus on ‘boosting’ the body’s natural ability to repair damaged tissue by various techniques such as prolotherapy and stem cell injections. The entire spectrum of musculoskeletal and joint pain, ranging from athletic injuries to chronic arthritis, can benefit from our specialized treatment. To learn more about how these techniques work, click here.

Advanced Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Therapy

Our physicians are trained in stem cell and interventional pain medicine that includes numerous years of complex orthopedic, spinal and joint injection techniques. Using advanced radiology equipment, such as guided ultrasound and fluoroscopy, is a hallmark of a stem cell regenerative medicine physician that achieves peak results.

The Best of Cutting-edge Technology

We believe that high quality equipment produces high quality results. That is why our treatment rooms and laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The treatment rooms have ultrasound and fluoroscopic imaging, which is the gold standard for guided injections that we use for pain relief. Our CLIA certified high complexity laboratory is equipped to isolate stem cells and platelet rich plasma. We also have on-site facilities for routine laboratory testing and drug toxicology screening.

Are You A Candidate For Regenerative Medicine?

Patients who have the following symptoms have undergone stem cell injections at our clinic.

  • Athletic injury that hasn’t healed well and still hurts
  • Age related chronic pain lasting more than three months
  • Use of painkillers more than twice a week
  • You’ve been recommended surgery for your back or joint problems
  • You’ve got functional limitations but need to go back to an active lifestyle

If you’ve got one or more of the above features, you should consider stem cell injections as an option to turn your life around!

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